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Glycerol–Silicone Membranes for Sustained and Controlled Topical Delivery of Antimicrobial and Pain‐Relief Drugs


Simultaneous delivery of several antimicrobial drugs from multi-compartment glycerol-silicone membranes


Antimicrobial silicone skin adhesives facilitated by controlled octenidine release from glycerol compartments


Glycerol-filled silicone adhesive patches with excellent sun protection


Glycerol-silicone foams - Tunable 3-phase elastomeric porous materials


A reliable quantitative method for determining CBD content and release from transdermal patches in Franz cells


Incorporation of liquid fillers into silicone foams to enhance the electro-mechanical properties


Glycerol as high-permittivity liquid filler in dielectric silicone elastomers


Stretchable photochromic hydrous TiO2-embedded glycerol-poly(dimethylsiloxane) film for rewritable information storage

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