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A full night treatment
Skin cure mask infused with active ingredients imprints the skin cells throughout the night
A cocktail of actives – with high activity level - is released to the skin cells independently
Mask is ultrathin, breathable, and conforms to the face – can be prepared as a patch, cream, or spray

Distinctive features of technology in cosmetic


Controlled exposure of actives for 7+ hours

High activity levels of actives are preserved

Independent release of multiple actives 


Ultrathin, breathable mask

Fits contours of face and conforms to skin dynamics

Remains in place throughout the night


Low risk of skin irritation

Few, well-known ingredients

Preservatives and stabilizers are not needed

Examples of technology key features in cosmetic

Significant improvement in skin characteristics by use of Glysious eye mask 

Study: Use every second night for 2 weeks. 

In 2 weeks

Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 13.38.29.png

Examples of technology key features in cosmetic

Remarkable increase in hydration by use of Glysious patches (S1, S2) compared to reference without patch worn.

Study: 12 hours wear for 3 consecutive days. Blue curves: Hydration 10 minutes after removal of last patch. Grey curves: Hydration 4 days after last patch. 

Hydration data.png

Use of Glysious overnight skin cure mask  

Forms / way of the delivery

Technology behind

Versatile, proprietary platform based on unique release mechanism and distinctive material features   

– targeted a range of cosmetic and life science applications.

Glysious technology originates from multi-year research at the Danish Polymer Centre of the Technical University of Denmark. 


Enabling innovation in multiple industries

beyond cosmetics

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