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Efficient drug delivery device
Our products deliver targeted dosing of drugs up to 5 days and moisturizes the skin at the same time

Convenient to use with gentle adherence to the skin and very low risk of skin irritation

Efficient release of drugs leads to less drug residues in the nature and reduced drug consumption
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Distinctive features of technology in Pharma


Precision dosing and sustained release of active substances

No burst of actives

Independent release of multiple actives
Antioxidants/enzymes are preserved

Moisturising skin protecting  barrier

Moisturizes the skin due to release of glycerol

Prevents skin maceration as sweat is absorbed by patch

Very low risk of skin irritation/contact dermatitis


Highly breathable, ultrathin cover

Conforms to skin dynamics, can be placed on elbows, etc.

Very gentle adhesion to skin

Remains in place - for multiple days



Efficient emptying of patches leads to

  • less drug residues ending up in nature

  • reduced use of API

Glysious technology offers more than 95% release for most drugs compared with 40-60% for many products in the market

Next generation products for patients with skin pathologies

Our drug delivery device development has up to now been focused on patches


Spring 2024 development of drug delivery creams and sprays will be initiated supported by a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark


For many conventional creams and gels, less than 10% of the applied dose reaches the deeper skin layers, with no control of dose or duration of drug


Our technology stands out on these parameters – and it can be placed on complex body shapes

Spray 1.png
Spray 3.png
Spray 2.png

Same technology - various delivery devices for wound care applications: film, cream and spray 

Technology behind

Versatile, proprietary platform based on unique release mechanism and distinctive material features   

– targeted a range of cosmetic and life science applications.

Glysious technology originates from multi-year research at the Danish Polymer Centre of the Technical University of Denmark. 


Enabling innovation in multiple industries
beyond pharma

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