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Science based active substance delivery system  for applications in life science and cosmetics

Moisturising barrier

A glycerol-silicone product providing  moisture to the skin​


Precision dosing and sustained release of active substance

Independent release of multiple active substances

Antioxidants/enzymes are preserved

Skin mimicking product

Highly breathable, ultrathin cover

Conforms to skin dynamics, can be placed on elbows, etc.

Very gentle adhesion to the skin

Remains in place - for multiple days

Safe to use

Very low risk of skin irritation/contact dermatitis

Medical grade constituents

Technology behind

Versatile, proprietary platform based on unique release mechanism and distinctive material features   

– targeted a range of cosmetic and life science applications.

Glysious technology originates from multi-year research at the Danish Polymer Centre of the Technical University of Denmark. 


Enabling innovation in multiple industries


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